Driver survives after his vehicle was pushed by a dump truck on the 401 freeway

An Ontario man escaped a horrific accident on Highway 401 without physical injury after a dump truck pushed him for about half a kilometer.

“Happy. Grateful that God has given me a new life,” Syed Hussain, 47, said outside Humber River Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Hussain’s family said they were driving in the collector lanes near the Keele Street exit around 10:30 a.m. when a dump truck struck their Honda Civic from behind.

Hussain’s family said that after he was beaten, the car spun around and at one point turned into a position facing the driver of the dump truck. They said he was pushed about half a kilometer along the highway from the collector lanes to the express lanes.

“I was (in) shock the whole time. It was very stressful,” Hussain’s relative said, translating Hussain’s words from Urdu.

Hussain drives to work on the 401 from Ajax to his job in Toronto. When his family found out about the accident, they were shocked and upset.

“It is truly a miracle that we see him alive,” said his sister-in-law Bushra Kazmi.

“He has a 10-year-old son, he was crying a lot when he found out about the accident, my sister was crying, the whole family was in shock.”

Ontario Provincial Police responded to the crash. Police say the dump truck stopped due to help from other motorists on the road.

“Other motorists in the area had to honk their horns and get the driver’s attention to stop and when he stopped he realized there was a car in front of his vehicle on the bumper being pushed with the male driver obviously in panic about what was happening. ”, said the sergeant. Kerry Schmidt.

On Friday afternoon, Hussain was surrounded by concerned relatives as he left the hospital after some tests and a CT scan, carried out as a precaution.

Kazmi said Hussain was in shock after the accident and has some body pain, but no broken bones or signs of a scratch.

Family members say they are happy and grateful that he is alive and doing so well.

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