Doctor Strange actress Zara Phythian jailed for eight years for historic child sex abuse

Zara Phythian, who appeared in Wonderful‘s doctor strange (2016), would have been sentenced to eight years in prison for crimes of child sexual abuse.

The 38-year-old actress was reported to have appeared at Nottingham Crown Court in the UK overnight to be sentenced after she was convicted last week by a jury of historically sexually abusing a girlHe was between 13 and 15 years old at the time.

Her husband, Victor Marke, 59, was also sentenced to 14 years in prison for co-abuse the same survivor and indecently assault a second girl.

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Zara Phythian, who starred in Doctor Strange, pictured in 2016 at the film’s world premiere. (Getty)

Marke reportedly wept at the sight of people in the court’s public gallery watching the sentencing and walking around the court in tracksuits.

Phythian, meanwhile, reportedly sat next to her husband, smiled and waved to someone in the public gallery, though her face was said to be pale and tear-streaked. However, as she was being taken to jail after her sentence was passed, Ella Phythian waved to the gallery where a woman shouted, “I love you, Zara.”

Judge Mark Watson said he believed the joint victim’s sexual abuse was pre-planned and told Marke, for Mirror“I consider you the driving force behind the abuse.”

“Most people have held you and continue to hold you in high regard. That’s because of the positive impact of your work. [as martial arts instructors]”, said the judge in court.

“While that may help in mitigation, it’s also why you were able to set up and corrupt the victims in this case and why you got away with abusing them for so long.”

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Zara Marke with Doctor Strange co-star Mads Mikkelsen on the set of the 2016 film.
Zara Phythian with Doctor Strange co-star Mads Mikkelsen on the set of the 2016 film. (Marvel)

Watson said during sentencing that Phythian’s “deviance” was influenced by the control Marke had over her from a young age: the couple met around her 20th birthday and later married. They have an age difference of 21 years.

During their trial, the couple denied the allegations, but last week they were jointly convicted of sexually abusing the girl, who was told not to tell anyone, multiple times before Phythian found fame.

The survivor, who is now an adult, said in an interview with police: “I think they saw a vulnerability in me and took advantage of that.”

She gave her testimony behind a curtain on the witness stand, saying what happened to her was her “deepest, darkest secret.”

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Zara Phythian
Zara Phythian is a black belt and her crimes occurred before she found fame as an actress. (IMDB)

Marke’s indecent assaults on the second survivor, for which Phythian was not charged, began after she accidentally touched his leg.

On that occasion, he reached behind her leg and then kissed her on the lips and neck, causing her feelings of confusion, according to her police interview.

Marke touched her over and under her clothes and kissed her on other occasions, before having sex with her when she was 16.

Prosecutor Ahmed Hossain QC read the victim impact statements in court before the couple’s sentencing.

“You stole my innocence from me,” said the survivor who was jointly abused by Marke and Phythian in her statement through Hossain, as well as claiming that the pair “corrupted my development.”

“You showed that you liked a very advanced naughty side that satisfied your sexual urges,” she said, also speaking of feeling intimidated and scared by the partner, and stating that she didn’t want to be that anymore.[their] puppet.”

“I have become an adult now. All the pain, anger, disgust and shame I felt is now on you. Both of you,” she said in the statement.

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