Disney employees get two extra days off to “recharge” as the company prepares to return to the office: Deadline

Employees of Walt Disney Co.’s film and television divisions will have additional vacations in 2022. I’ve heard that leaders from across the company have sent memos to their employees, informing them that on May 27, the Friday before the Holiday weekend, Memorial Day, will be designated as non-business days this year. Employees will get an additional day off in October, and the exact date will vary from division to division.

I’ve heard that additional time off has been provided so employees can “recharge” after more than two years working largely remotely amid the pandemic to keep the company afloat.

Several Disney executives already spend some time in the office on a regular basis, but there is no official date yet set for a return to in-person work. Disney is expected to announce plans soon for its staff to return to the offices full time.

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