Deves won’t ‘beat’ Zali Steggall but ‘feels’ it will have an effect on other seats

Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell says Katherine Deves will not beat Warringah independent candidate Zali Steggall, but the “feeling” is that the Liberal candidate could have an effect on other seats.

Ms Deves has created a rift within the Liberal Party over her social media posts about transgender people after MPs called for Warringah’s candidate to be rejected.

Warringah’s Liberal candidate is backed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has defended his decision not to disapprove of Deves.

“I think the government sees this problem as an advantage for them; they say they will be tougher on transgender women in sports,” Clennell said.

“Scott Morrison is determined to defend Katherine Deves.

“Today’s press conference was really a bun fight.”

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