DC Clip Exposes Jamie’s Alleged Infidelity

‘Love & Marriage: DC’ is getting HOT fast!

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It’s Friday and the weekend is officially HERE, which means OWN is heating up for its spectacular slate of relationship-related reality shows! We’ve already told you about our conversation with Monique Samuels and her desire to show something different with the new Carlos King-produced series ‘Love & Marriage: DC,’ but we’re definitely curious how comfortable couples were with Saturday’s episode. at night. because BAYBEEEE when we tell you that the earth was dug up! Phew. But we’re not going to keep it in suspense, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek clip. In the clip, we find out why Erana and Jamie have kept their past marital problems a secret when Erana decides to finally come clean about her past infidelity at the vegan dinner. Check it out below:

Oooh, we don’t know them. Did Jamie look more guilty when he started talking about wanting his wife to keep quiet?

“These are our battles, we have already experienced them and they are dead,” Jamie said in the clip. “I was like shut it down.”

Don’t close it! But Erana gave her a way out by blaming her work in promoting the match, saying: “These women here are terrible, they are aggressive and they don’t give a damn.”

Do you think he is right to some extent?

Our favorite part of the clip has to be when Ashley makes a great comment about responsibility and how people should admit they were wrong and not blame external circumstances, eg “my job made me slide into someone else’s vagina “.

We love that you pointed out that unless your job is to make adult movies, your job didn’t require you to do that!

What to expect from episode 102 of ‘Love & Marriage: DC’

Here’s a bit more about the episode:

The Samuels host a vegan dinner and their marital problems come to light in front of everyone as they fight at the table. Erana opens up to the dinner guests about her journey with Jamie, her lifestyle, and her perception of cheating. Despite Ashley asking for family time, Quick agrees to throw a big event. Chris runs into Winter’s ex, but when Winter finds out, he tells everyone the truth. Ashley and Quick tease Winter for not seeing the red flags when she claims to be a relationship expert.

LOVE AND MARRIAGE: DC Episode 102 ‘Coldest Winter Ever’ airs Saturday May 21 at 9/8c on OWN

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