Customer opens fire in McDonald’s window near Taco Bell shooting site

Two fast-food restaurants located within feet of each other in a city outside of Atlanta were the scene of separate shootings Tuesday night.

A customer at a McDonald’s in South Fulton, Georgia reportedly fired shots through the restaurant’s window overnight on May 17, sending shards of broken glass flying.

That same night, two 16-year-olds were shot at a Taco Bell, which is located just a tenth of a mile from the McDonald’s where the other shooting occurred.

Police told Atlanta’s WSB-TV they don’t believe the two shootings are connected.

Police are investigating a May 17 shooting at a McDonald’s in South Fulton, Georgia, one of two shootings at fast food restaurants that night. In the photo, officers outside a McDonald’s in New York City.
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A customer was reportedly the one who shot at the McDonald’s, investigators told WSB-TV. Footage filmed at the scene showed that the restaurant’s glass door had shattered, while at least three bullet holes could be seen in one of the windows. Inside, workers could be seen sweeping up broken glass.

No one was injured during the incident. But the attack wasn’t the only shooting on the block that night.

Around the corner, two teenagers were “severely injured” when they were shot at at a Taco Bell, WSB-TV reported. Police arrived at the scene and found two 16-year-olds suffering from gunshot wounds. The couple was rushed to the hospital. Detectives said the teens had been involved in a dispute with a restaurant employee before they were attacked.

The number of teens killed or injured by gun violence so far in the US in 2022 is 1,711, according to a national database compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.

Investigators have not yet released details about the suspects in any of the shootings.

news week has contacted the South Fulton Police Department for more information.

The May 17 shootings come less than a month after a man was seriously injured when he was shot at another McDonald’s location in Georgia. The DeKalb County victim was shot on April 22 after he allegedly got into an argument with another customer; the dispute had started inside the restaurant on Wesley Chapel Road, but the victim was allegedly shot as the couple left.

Another notable shooting in Georgia this month took place on May 1, when a driver, who allegedly had his three young children in the car, was accused of allegedly shooting a 17-year-old in the face during a road rage incident. road. Brittney Griffith, 30, allegedly pulled up next to the car the victim was traveling in as a passenger when she allegedly opened fire. The boy who was shot was hospitalized but is said to be in stable condition.

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