power rangers in space it is often seen as one of the franchise’s best seasons. Fans will now see what happened to Andros before we meet him on the show. this will happen in Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin writer’s #1 marguerite bennettartists Anna Kekovski Changra Y Giuseppe Kafarocolorists sarah antonellini with the help of sharon marine Y fabi marquisand marker Ed Dukeshire. We get our first look at the upcoming comic below and it shows Zhane possibly dead before a flashback to when Darkonda kidnapped Karone and KO-35 was more or less destroyed. I am excited to read this.

Keep LOADING UP TO 100 in this POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED special as calamity looms for fan favorites Andros and Zhane from the hit series “Power Rangers in Space.” He discovers his past growing up KO-35, the journey to becoming Rangers, and the epic battle that changed their lives forever…

You can read countdown to ruin #1 on June 29 at your local comic shop or wherever you want to buy comics. The main cover features art by keyla valerio and variants of Goñi Montes, Junggeun-yoonand more.

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