Congressman Says DHS Is So Bad Americans Won’t Name Their Children Alejandro

A Republican congressman said Thursday that his constituents want Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas charged with “treason,” and wondered if future parents with the surname Mayorkas would hesitate to name their children Alejandro.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colorado, unloaded Mayorkas at a hearing, listing a litany of ills that have plagued the immigration system since the Biden administration took office, and said the secretary should start looking for a new job. .

“No parent with the surname Arnold names their children Benedict,” he said, adding that his constituents “wonder what the Mayorkas family will do in the future.”

He said Mayorkas should be “ashamed of what he has done to this country.”

The secretary called the comments “so deeply offensive on so many levels.”

“I’m not going to apologize to you,” he told Mr. Buck.

“No,” the congressman replied.

Mr Mayorkas said he is “immensely proud” of his service as head of the department.

Mr. Buck’s comments may have been the most pointed, but they were far from the only jabs at Mr. Mayorkas during the hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Republicans said he is to blame for crimes committed by illegal immigrants, for the death and abuse of immigrants who rush across the border to take advantage of looser immigration controls, and for Americans who are dying at lower levels. record for fentanyl arriving from Mexico.

Mayorkas and Democrats on the committee said those problems began before his term.

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