Coles Shoppers Lose Their Minds Over Muscle Nation’s New Protein Cream Items

Two Australian guys have impressed Coles so much with their protein offerings that the supermarket giant has decided to expand its range.

Two Australian colleagues have so impressed Coles with their protein offerings that the supermarket giant has decided to expand its range.

Chris Anastasi, 37, and Nathaniel Anthony, 31, started Muscle Nation from a small study desk, packing and shipping orders from a spare room in Nathaniel’s grandmother’s house.

After months of manual labor, and to their surprise, the boys managed to close their first national supermarket deal with Coles in July, selling seven products, including their “crazy” flan protein bars and flan vegetable protein.

Since launching the health items, Coles decided to extend their contract and range to include some of their newer products such as their ‘Golden Ice Cream’ flavored casein protein, ‘Milk Chocolate’ daily protein shake and the flavored clear protein water, for $30 each.

And shoppers are already eager to get their hands on the products.

“Got my milk chocolate raspberry water from Coles today. I can’t wait to try them!!” one person wrote on Instagram.

“DAMEE”. another said.

A third wrote: “Adding to my cart as we speak.”

Those who have already tasted the products described the ‘Ice Cream of Gold’ as the “best flavor”.

“Golden ice cream is the best flavor in the world! No one can make me change my mind,” one person demanded.

“I really like the look of the golden cream.”

Even the guys from Muscle Nation chimed in and agreed that it’s “amazing.”

Custard Cesein protein comes in powder form and only needs water or milk added.

Chris, a father of two, told he is humbled by how well the products have been received, growing from just seven to 23 in Coles stores across the country.

“We managed to prove ourselves and even won the Coles Product Launch of the Year award for 2021,” the co-owner said.

“Because of that, Coles saw how strong the brand was and how good the sales were … and extended our contract.”

The business, which is only five years old, has grown rapidly from selling sportswear, supplements, to now healthy foods with its protein bars “flying” off the shelves when they landed in supermarkets.

Chris, from Sydney, said the deal with Coles had been six to 12 months in the making, with the initial plan to sell just one protein bar.

“They were impressed with how good it tasted and that gave us the confidence to do more and they wanted all four flavors,” said Chris.

After only three weeks of hitting the shelves, the bars sold out and the boys were forced to ramp up production to meet demand at the time.

Chris, a father of two and a former PE teacher, said that while most protein bars carry the stigma of knowing they’re dry, chewy and “proteiny,” the ingredients they use, including their signature custard powder, make them they give a “dessert” flavor: while maintaining the health benefits of a protein bar.

The boys, who went from using $100 Bunnings shelves to stock items to now building their new 4,000 square meter headquarters in Brisbane, managed to build a multi-million dollar e-commerce platform in just five years, and say they owe it all to its “incredible” two million strong community members.

“If you had told us when we started our Muscle Nation journey, from a small studio desk packing and shipping orders ourselves, that we would be selling our products in a major supermarket like Coles in over 833 stores across the country, I am not sure. that we would. I believed you,” Nathaniel said.

“Chris and I have spent the last five years focused on building our online community and business, so to see our brand on the shelf alongside well-established Australian and international brands is a huge thrill.”

Originally published when the $30 Aussie blokes item hits Coles shelves nationwide

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