Coi Leray Responds Again To Erica Banks’ Comments On Nicki Minaj’s Collaboration With Certain Rap Girls: ‘Sometimes You Can’t Even Feed On Negative Energy’

The conversation about which artists Nicki Minaj chooses to collaborate with continues to be a hot topic. How do you know, erica banks She recently ruffled some feathers when she said she was hurt for being ignored by Nicki while Nicki was working with girls other than her. [Erica] feels like he can’t rap. coi leray laughed while retweeting the video, and recently TMZ met up with Coi to talk more about the situation.

When asked what he thought about Erica’s statement, Coi said:

“You know, you have to let bitches touch the back, you know what I’m saying? Sometimes you can’t even feed off negative energy, like… at the end of the day, what you put out on this earth will always come back to you. What you put into this world will come back to you. So if that’s the energy you want to convey, that’s the energy you’ll get. We all know what’s going on, how we’re doing.”

Coi made it clear that Erica was definitely shooting at him during their interview. She told TMZ: “It was definitely an opportunity for me because we got a collaboration.”

When it comes to whether Coi thinks Erica might be jealous, she said:

“I think people are still learning, and as an artist, even myself, as an upcoming artist, you go through a stage of development and you learn a lot. And I feel like she could be at that stage. You know, God forgives, so in the future, you know she might look back and she might want to say, ‘you know how I wish I’d seen things differently, I apologize, I want to do things differently.’ That’s what a real bitch would do, not a rap bitch, a real bitch. Period!”

Nonetheless, Coi made it clear that she doesn’t care about Erica, when asked if she was mad, she said, “I don’t give a shit about Erica Banks.”

What previously reported, Coi retweeted a clip of Erica’s statement on the “Big Facts Podcast” and laughed about it. The statement comes after Coi and Nicki released their hit album “Blick, Blick,” which appears on Coi’s new album “Trendsetter.”

Erica first voiced his disappointment at not working with Nicki in March. After Baby Tate expressed the same sentiments, Erica agreed with her statement and later made a video explaining that Nicki blocked her on Instagram for agreeing with Baby Tate.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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