Choose me! Kylea Tink – independent candidate for North Sydney

If you could change just one thing about Australia, what would it be?

Seeing active hope become a key driver of our communities and our nation would mean that our country unites around strong leaders who have an optimistic and exciting vision for the future of our nation and our world. People united by a common belief, not divided by money, race, religion, gender, location, and working together toward a bright and exciting future.

What is the worst thing someone has said to you?

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“My vote doesn’t count anyway and there’s nothing I can do.” Every vote counts! The Prime Minister’s vote is no more important than my 19-year-old son’s, and we are not helpless in any situation. By accepting that we have helped create the world and the systems we live in, we can also re-create them…and that will require each and every one of us to use our voice and make sure our vote counts for something or someone we care about. we believe.

What is the best thing that has happened to you?

My three children. I am incredibly lucky to have them and they remind me every day why it is important that we never stop trying to fix things or make the world a better place. They also keep me incredibly well grounded.

Who or what do you see as the biggest threat to Australia?

Helplessness, apathy and greed. People are tired and wherever you look, there is often uncertainty: an uncertain environment, an uncertain economy, an uncertain society. But we can be the difference we want to see; we just have to step in and demand it from all levels of society and especially from our federal government.

Which historical figure do you admire the most and why?

Gandhi, because he brought people together behind small acts of defiance that ultimately changed people’s lives.

What would be your last meal?

I hope it’s far away! Food for me is more of an “act” than a “taste”, so whatever it is, I hope it was cooked surrounded by family and friends who have laughed a lot and know they are loved.

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