China signs security agreement with Solomon Islands

beijing [China]April 20 (ANI): China and the Solomon Islands signed a framework agreement on security cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

“As approved by the Governments of China and the Solomon Islands, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Jeremiah Manele, on behalf of the Governments of China and the Solomon Islands respectively, officially signed the intergovernmental framework agreement on security cooperation between the two countries the other day,” Wang told a briefing, Xinhua news agency reported.

The agreement seeks to enhance “long-term social stability and tranquility in the Solomon Islands,” he said, stressing that security cooperation between China and the Solomon Islands is not directed at any third country and serves the common interests of the Solomon Islands. South Pacific region.

“The two sides will cooperate in areas such as maintaining social order, protecting the safety of people’s lives and property, humanitarian assistance and responding to natural disasters, in an effort to help Solomon Islands strengthen the development of capacities to safeguard their own security”. Wang added, according to Xinhua.

On Monday, the United States raised concerns about a draft security agreement between China and the Solomon Islands, with US State Department spokesman Ned Price noting “the broad nature of the security agreement,” which it can allow China to deploy its military forces in the country. He said the deal could create instability in the Solomon Islands and “set a worrying precedent for the broader Pacific Islands region.” The US State Department will travel to the Solomon Islands to convey Washington’s concerns about China’s growing activity in the region and similar concerns expressed by US allies in the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. added the new agency. (AND ME)

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