Charlotte County’s “Operation Poisonous Fruit” captures 54; Seizes 1,000 grams of methamphetamine and 78 grams of fentanyl, enough to kill 79,000 people

In a video released by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, an undercover detective told the audience, “We’re here once again serving another search warrant because these drug dealers continue to sell drugs in Charlotte County. Our sheriff has made it very clear to you, if you traffic in Charlotte County, we will come after you.”

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL – For the past six months, the Narcotics Unit has been conducting “Operation Poisonous Fruit” resulting in the arrest of 54 people on a host of drug charges. Another 11 are still at large and are being actively sought by police. A large percentage of the arrests came from the area of ​​the “fruit streets” Located in Punta Gorda South.

During the six-month operation, 54 cases were developed in which these subjects sold and delivered Fentanyl or Methamphetamine. There were 27 more cases related to the trafficking of these drugs, which have a minimum/mandatory sentence of at least three years. All of these individuals were additionally charged with simple possession, resulting in an additional 81 counts.

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“Our community is undeniably safer thanks to the hard work of the Narcotics Unit and all the other members who helped during Operation Poisonous Fruit. We will continue to put these traffickers behind bars until they get the message. We will not tolerate this poison being sold on our streets.” Sheriff Prummell declares. “For those who are hidden, we are coming for you”, Prummel adds.

Approximately 1,000 grams of methamphetamine and 78.7 grams of fentanyl were taken off the streets during Operation Poisonous Fruit, which is enough to kill 79,000 people.


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The following people were arrested:

  • Dustin Badke11/01/1991
  • Gregory Bores 04/16/1965
  • Nicholas Bores 09/10/1993
  • Jessica Brown 02/05/1990
  • Joshua Browning 01/25/1987
  • John Brugman 11/10/1967
  • David D Butler 02/05/1971
  • Quwan Capers 08/07/1981
  • David Caro 02/18/1988
  • Leonard Dorris 05/12/1980
  • Major Evans 01/17/1976
  • Peggy Ford 07/11/1982
  • Askia Forman 12/02/1987
  • Christopher Gore 09/29/1978
  • Franklin Grove 12/3/1984
  • Anthony Heathcock 05/26/1971
  • William Hughes 04/21/1994
  • Corie Bennett 03/26/1978

Gene Hughes 06/20/1982
Tadeo Majtyka 08/31/1984
Jacqueline MacLeod 06/02/1962
Taylor Neuman 09/11/1993
Shane Wozniak 06/03/1988
Kristy Farnsworth 11/03/1980
Julie Chambers 10/23/1988
Kimberly Diggins 02/26/1983
Brian Edwards 04/07/1973
Christopher Ridgeway 09/13/1977
Thomas Paige 01/22/1987
Brandy Gibson 08/28/1984
Alicia Barefoot 08/21/1983
Melissa Roesing 06/03/1984
Chelsea Smith 03/31/1993
Eric Conner 10/22/1983
Ryan Gross 10/05/1979
Ryan White 07/05/1980

Walter Long 01/31/1979
Kayla Williams 06/03/1991
Brandon Locks 06/17/1985
Jennifer Orlick 01/19/1983
Christopher Whitis 10/16/1974
andrea burns 04/22/1972
Jason Lamka 01/31/1986
taylor costales-beach 10/10/1999
Kellie Rudy 05/29/1958
Barbara Ridgeway 09/13/1977
Megan Perkins 07/19/1985
Robert Rhinesmith 12/19/1968
Carlos Rife 09/03/1963
Xavier Sanchez 04/16/1996
Amanda Scoles 05/02/1978
Joshua Nowak-Hahlbohm 11/16/1979
Karl Patureau 03/11/1959
Pamela Peak 08/18/1969

According to detectives, 11 suspects remain at large.

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