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Attitudes and experiences according to the public Misinformation about health care is nothing new, but social media and the rapid pace of scientific development around COVID-19 have helped create an environment where unclear information, misinterpretation, and deliberate misinformation can spread. more easily than ever. The long-term research project known as the KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor … Read more

Amazing Foods to Lower LDL Cholesterol – Infographic

Cholesterol is a wax-like substance secreted by the liver that performs various bodily functions, such as maintaining cell membranes and tissues necessary for hormone production and aiding in the secretion of bile. It is abundant in a wide range of animal products. However, if cholesterol levels get too high and become clogged in the body, … Read more

COVID-19 reinfections will continue to occur

ANAfter the Omicron variant caused a massive number of infections last winter, many people looked on the bright side, hoping it was “a free opportunity for the country,” says Eli Rosenberg, deputy director of science at the US State Department. New York. Secretary of Public Health of Health. Although many people became infected with the … Read more

Monkeypox: what to know about the virus detected in the United States

Placeholder while article actions load Massachusetts health officials said Wednesday they have confirmed a case of a rare and sometimes serious viral illness called monkeypox, the first infection identified in the United States this year amid a spate of cases outside the disease’s typical territory. . Monkeypox, which can be transmitted to animals and humans, … Read more