Capture the Atlas Milky Way 2022 Photographer of the Year

Photographer Egor Goryachev took this colorful photo of the Milky Way on La Palma, in the Canary Islands of Spain.

Goryachev said that during the spring months, the core of the Milky Way begins to appear in the southeastern part of the morning sky.

“It is possible to photograph the entire Milky Way Arch at an angle of almost 180 degrees from north to south,” he said.

“I chose Pico de la Cruz, one of the peaks of the island of La Palma, as my main location to spend the night photographing our galaxy.

“Around 4am the Milky Way was high enough in the sky that I could start shooting at 50mm and capture a pretty decent arc shape without any distortion from surrounding stars.

Although it was very windy, Goryachev said he was able to photograph some sharp images.

“All the colors of the Arch, the emission of green light, the dark sky and the lights of the neighboring island of Tenerife on the horizon are visible and remind me of this unforgettable experience,” he said.

“I tried it the first night and it was frustrating because the location had no light pollution so the photo came out extremely dark, even at ISO 6400.

“I came back the next day at sunset, and during the blue hour, I took a close-up photo.

“Then I waited for the Milky Way in the same tripod position and took the sky shot.”

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