Buffalo shooting leaves neighborhood without supermarket


Biden calls Buffalo attack ‘domestic terrorism’ during city visit

US President Joe Biden has called the May 14 mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket an act of “domestic terrorism” and said white supremacy “will not have the last word” as he addressed a hearing in the city on Tuesday, May 17. Biden traveled to Buffalo, New York, to visit the Tops supermarket where 10 people were killed on Saturday and to meet with the families of the victims, first responders and community leaders. In an address to the community, Biden said: “What happened here is simple and straightforward.” : terrorism. Terrorism. domestic terrorism. “Violence inflicted in the service of hate and a vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people as inherently inferior to any other group: a hate that through the media, politics, the Internet, has radicalized angry, alienated individuals , lost and isolated by making them falsely believe that they will be replaced by others, by people who do not look like them.” orted to have inspired the attack. Biden also condemned those who “spread the lie for power, political gain and profit.” Credit: The White House via Storyful

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