Blueface Clowns 6ix9ine: Give this man a badge and a whistle!

Blueface responded to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s recent interview and says that no one is looking for the rapper because he is a civilian.

“And 69 thinks someone else is supposed to care or do something to her other than the people she told,” Blueface tweeted.

“No one is looking for that man. Give the tough guy act and my boy Nobody is trying to hurt you we are looking for the thieves and murderers you are a civilian. Somebody give this man a badge and a whistle.

6ix9ine saw the comments on DJ Akademiks Instagram page and responded:

“Now if I answer back and finish this hit, I wonder if you’re going to cry and say ’69 YOU ALWAYS START PROMOTING YOUR COMEBACK… STOP STARTING THINGS,” he said. “Just look at the pattern.”

Blueface challenged 6ix9ine to a boxing match last year, but 6ix9ine won’t get in the ring with him. Should 6ix9ine accept the fight challenge or not?

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