Beverly Hills beauty salon owner who stormed Capitol Hill wants to rescind her plea to felony Jan. 6 charge

Gina Bisignano shouted through a megaphone to encourage others to enter the Capitol on January 6.the united states attorney’s office

  • Gina Bisignano yelled, “We need guns,” through a megaphone at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

  • He pleaded guilty months before his judge ruled in favor of the accused Capitol protesters.

  • Bisignano said prosecutors “bullied” her into admitting that she obstructed an official proceeding.

The owner of a Beverly Hills beauty salon asked Friday to rescind her guilty plea to the most serious charge she faced in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on Capitol Hill, arguing that federal prosecutors “intimidated” her into confessing in court. court.

Gina Bisignano had pleaded guilty last year to six charges stemming from the Jan. 6 insurrection, including obstruction of an official process, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. In the court filing in which he asked to undo his guilty plea, Bisignano pointed not only to the pressure he felt from prosecutors, but also to a recent ruling in which his judge dismissed the defendant’s other Jan. 6 obstruction charge based on in a novel interpretation of the statute.

Bisignano’s defense team cited the March decision by Trump-appointed Judge Carl Nichols, who ruled that the statute of obstruction can only be upheld if a defendant is accused of “any action with respect to a document, record, or other object.” .

Prosecutors have interpreted the statute more broadly to charge Capitol protesters accused of disrupting Congressional certification of the 2020 election results. To date, no other federal trial court judge in Washington , DC has adopted the more limited reading of Nichols.

Other judges have described Nicholas’ performance as “tense” and “unnatural”. And earlier this month, Nichols indicated that he was willing to reconsider, saying he was “very seriously considering” a request from the Justice Department to review the ruling.

But Bisignano’s request underscored how the Jan. 6 defendants nonetheless try to take advantage of favorable opinion.

Bisignano is scheduled to be sentenced on July 12, and prosecutors have a July 7 deadline to make a recommendation for punishment.

The request to rescind your guilty plea could result in the cancellation or delay of that sentence. But it is usually difficult for criminal defendants to withdraw their guilty plea.

Bisignano’s attorneys argued that she did not fully understand the obstruction charge at the time of her plea, rendering it “void.” During her plea hearing, her attorneys said, Bisignano “indicated her discomfort with the Plea of ​​Offense,” in which prosecutors accused her of entering the Capitol through a window and encouraging others to follow her. .

From a window sill, he shouted into a megaphone, yelling, “They won’t steal our votes.”

According to court documents, he also yelled, “We the people are not going to take this anymore. Our Trump bear is not going to be taken away. Our votes are not going to be taken away.”

Gina Bisignano Offense Statement

Prosecutors cited phrases Gina Bisignano shouted to encourage other members of the pro-Trump mob on January 6.Justice Department

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