BBC confirms six allegations against DJ Tim Westwood

The BBC said it received six complaints against veteran radio broadcaster Tim Westwood, including one that was referred to police, despite previously saying no evidence of the complaints had been found.

The hip hop DJ, who was a BBC radio presenter for almost 20 years, resigned from his show on Capital Xtra in April following allegations by several women of sexual misconduct and predatory behaviour.

In allegations reported by BBC News and The Guardian, Westwood, 64, is alleged to have abused his position in the music industry to take advantage of seven women in their late teens or early 20s.

He “strongly” denies any wrongdoing.

In April, BBC director general Tim Davie said the allegations against Westwood were “shocking” but that he had seen “no evidence of complaints”.

Speaking at the Voice Of The Listener And Viewer spring conference that month, Mr Davie said: “I have seen no evidence of complaints. I asked and we looked at our records and we didn’t see any evidence.”

But after a challenge over the broadcaster’s initial handling of a freedom of information request as part of the joint investigation by BBC News and The Guardian, the corporation has now confirmed that it received six complaints, including one referred to the police. .

Of the police reference, a BBC statement said: “This is a landmark case that the BBC has found in its archives. We are establishing the facts around you.

“It did not relate to conduct at the BBC, BBC premises or conduct towards a member of BBC staff, nor was it an allegation of physical assault.”

The corporation did not specify when the other five complaints were made.

The BBC said it is investigating what happened “very carefully” and will confirm its findings in the future.

A BBC spokesman said: “As we’ve said, if people have things they want to raise with the BBC, then they should. People have already done this and we will continue to investigate.

“We also said that we would delve into what happened in the past. We are doing it very carefully. All that work is not finished and is ongoing.

“We said we would take this seriously, and we do. When that work is done, we will say more.”

At the time, a representative said Westwood “strongly rejects all allegations of wrongdoing” detailed in a BBC Three documentary titled Tim Westwood: Abuse Of Power.

A statement to the PA news agency in April said: “Tim Westwood strongly denies all allegations of inappropriate behavior.

“In a career that has spanned 40 years, there has never been any complaint against him officially or unofficially.

“Tim Westwood strongly rejects all allegations of wrongdoing.”

The DJ, the son of Bill Westwood, the former Anglican Bishop of Peterborough who died in 1999, began his career in local radio before joining Capital Radio in London.

Later BBC Radio 1 gave him his own programme.

The radio host left Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra in 2013 after almost 20 years and returned to Capital Xtra to present a regular program on Saturday nights, where they called him “The Big Dawg”.

A Westwood representative has been contacted for comment.

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