Backyard chook pens make a comeback amid egg price fears of $15

The humble egg is poised to be the latest staple hit by huge production costs, with the possibility that $15 cartons of free-range chickens will lead some Aussies to opt for a backyard solution.

Australian families are investing in their own chickens amid warnings that the price of the humble egg is about to skyrocket with a carton of free-range chickens selling for nearly $15 in a supermarket.

Egg Farmers of Australia said farmers are paying 20 per cent more for young laying hens, fuel prices are up 25 per cent, feed grains are up 45 per cent and the cost of canola oil is up 141 per cent. hundred per ton.

Executive director Melinda Hashimoto said the speed of rising farm input costs “is so alarming that some long-term egg farmers really fear for the future of our industry.”

“It is a reality that Australians will have to get used to paying more if they want their eggs and other food grown in Australia, or they will see Australian farmers go out of business.

“Similarly, wholesalers are urged to review the price they pay for Australian eggs, to ensure our farmers get a fair and profitable return on their product.”

This comes after a Woolworths customer from Western Australia took to TikTok last week to share his disbelief about the price of eggs on social media, displaying a price tag that read $14.50 for a dozen eggs from chickens. jackets

Alongside him, another dozen eggs were selling for $12 at the Perth store.

But many families across the state could save themselves from the rising costs of pantry staples if they kept their own chickens in the backyard.

Ryde mother-of-two Jocelyn McGovern has raised six chickens for eggs since September last year to save on groceries and could now be saving up to $30 a week on groceries if Western Australian prices hit Sydney stores.

“It was news to the kids when we first got them but now that we have everything set up they are fairly easy to keep and usually produce one egg a day,” Ms McGovern told The Daily Telegraph.

“We eat a lot of eggs, so it’s great to have one thing that we don’t have to buy at every store, we’d probably spend a carton or two a week.”

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