As Adams praised a new police tool, a close ally had a stake in the manufacturer.

Elwood Norris, the California man known as Woody who invented it, was a serial creator of futuristic gadgets, some more whimsical than others. He developed the first hands-free headsets and other fancy sound equipment, but also the AirScooter, a personal flying machine that never caught on.

Mr. Cohen, another founder, was a venture capitalist who had invested in oil and gas as well as start-ups whose shares, known as penny stocks, trade on lightly regulated over-the-counter markets. He had previously invested money, along with Mr. Kestenbaum and his family, in a company that made what he said was a healthy drink for children called AquaBall before moving on to produce vaping liquids for e-cigarettes.

Wrap Technologies began trading OTC at $5 per share in May 2018.

By then, Mr. Carone was helping Mr. Adams position himself for a mayoral run in 2021 and introducing him to potential donors who could help boost his campaign.

Among the donations Mr. Adams received in the summer of 2018 was $1,500 from Wrap Technologies president Mr. Cohen, records show.

Carone said he did not introduce Cohen to Adams or ask for donations.

The mayor’s spokesman, Mr. Young, said that Mr. Adams was not aware of Mr. Cohen’s donation at the time and did not meet with him until months later.

Mr. Cohen’s June 2018 contribution came as Wrap Technologies embarked on its first marketing campaign, hosting BolaWrap demonstrations for law enforcement and the media in Utah, Missouri and elsewhere.

Local newspapers covered a rally by the Yonkers, NY Police Department on October 2, 2018.

About a week later, company representatives held a private showing of BolaWrap for NYPD officers at a department shooting range in the Bronx. Officials rejected the device, concluding, among other things, that the loud crack he made when firing (his flying strap at the time was propelled by a blank 9-millimeter pistol bullet) could be mistaken for gunshots and cause other officers to start To shoot. people familiar with the meeting said.

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