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Last week, Paizo and Archon Studio announced that Archon will be releasing a new line of unpainted, unassembled miniatures and environments for Pioneer. The first release will be based on the popular Abomination Vaults Adventure Path which features a dark and gloomy mega dungeon and this release will mark the first commercial release of half-height walls. These walls will be backwards compatible with full-height wall sets and will give you plenty of options as you build your dungeon. Also, Archon is implementing a functional gate to the environment for the first time! This is pretty impressive and makes me wish I had a group in person to play around with these scenarios. Speaking of the opportunity to do this, Tomasz Badalski Archon said:

The first thing that came to mind was the abominable angle of the design. How to make a dungeon that clearly says “we reject all that is natural and give ourselves over to all kinds of heresies and perverse rituals”? That is why you will notice good tentacles on the walls and evil eyes that supervise the group of adventurers. Even the metal door trims look more like veins of living, cursed organisms than a piece of engineering. How cool is that?

jim’s butler from Paizo shared:

Paizo is excited to be working with Archon Studio in a way to bring the excitement of Pathfinder Abomination Vaults Adventure Path to his gaming group, and we look forward to the many future releases that will bring the world of Golarion to life. We can’t wait to see how these dungeons take shape on your own table.

you can book Pathfinder Terrain: Vaults of Abominations now from Archon for $69 or talk to your local game store to order it.

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