Amy Schumer tests positive for COVID-19

Amy Schumer has COVID-19, forcing her to cancel her Los Angeles show on Saturday. (Photo: REUTERS/Eric Gaillard)

Amy Schumer has COVID-19, the comedian revealed in a since-deleted Instagram post on Saturday. The life and beth The star was forced to cancel his appearance at the Netflix is ​​a Joke festival on Saturday night, although he did perform at the festival on Friday before testing positive.

“I am sad to say that I have to cancel my show in Los Angeles tonight. I am the first woman to get COVID,” Schumer, 40, joked with her Instagram followers. “I tested positive for COVID-19 about an hour ago, so yes please, I don’t know…but at least my hair looks good.”

Schumer shared his news on social media.  (Screenshot: Amy Schumer's Instagram)

Schumer shared his news on social media. (Screenshot: Amy Schumer’s Instagram)

Although the derailed train The actress did not describe her symptoms in detail, she appears to be experiencing at least some congestion or cough. Schumer then returned to Instagram to post a video demonstrating her new, deeper voice, which she compared to controversial Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

“COVID has given me this amazing voice of Elizabeth Holmes,” he said, referencing the theme of the Hulu series. abandonment. “This is how I sound now that I have COVID.”

Schumer, who shares 3-year-old son Gene with her husband Chris Fischer, added that she feels “lonely and bored [because] I’m away from my family.” On the plus side, he noted that the split could be “great, because I hope they don’t get it.”

The self-proclaimed “COVID trailblazer” wondered in her caption if she could take the oral antiviral treatment Paxlovid while taking the antidepressant Lexapro, asking fans to send her suggestions on what to watch during her isolation period.

As it happens, Schumer’s COVID-19 bout comes just days after she marveled that she had yet to test positive during an appearance on Late night with Seth Meyers Wednesday night After Meyers pointed out that she’s one of the few people she knows who haven’t gotten COVID yet, Schumer jokingly pointed to the sky and joked, “[God’s] looking out.”

“I’m a little cocky about it,” she joked. “I haven’t had it yet.”

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