Almost 30 Ukrainians are being treated for a mysterious illness at a refugee center in the Republic of Ireland

Nearly 30 Ukrainians at a refugee center in the Republic of Ireland are being treated for a mysterious illness.

The individuals, all based at a facility in North Cork, complained of feeling unwell on Saturday and several said their symptoms worsened overnight.

Symptoms ranged from headaches, nausea, dizziness and high temperatures to coughing.

A group of 47 Ukrainian refugees had arrived in the last 36 hours at an emergency rest center in Banteer, north of Cork.

All are understood to have arrived in Ireland in recent days after traveling here from the Ukraine and neighboring countries.

As a precaution, both local GPs and paramedics attended the Banteer facility.

Medical teams are now conducting assessments in a bid to determine the precise nature and origin of the mysterious illness.

While all Covid-19 precautions are being taken, the coronavirus is not believed to be the prime suspect.

Cork is currently in the grip of major outbreaks of flu and common colds.

Sales of cold and flu medicine in parts of Cork have soared by more than 80% in recent weeks.

A stomach bug has also been reported in patients at various Cork GP surgeries.

Medical teams are also investigating whether people in the complex may have contracted a form of gastroenteritis.

None of the people are reported to be seriously ill, although the situation is being assessed and some may be referred to hospital for preventive proficiency tests.

In a statement, Cork County Council said they were working with the HSE and support agencies to tackle the problem.

“A total of 46 Ukrainian refugees were placed in an emergency rest center in Banteer on Saturday (April 16),” a spokesman said.

“Several refugees complained of feeling unwell upon arrival.

“Medical help was called immediately and medical help was present at the scene overnight.

“The HSE Public Health Unit has been mobilized and the center currently has restricted access while the matter is addressed.”

Full medical and support facilities are being provided at the center with doctors in close collaboration with refugee agencies and the Health Services Executive (HSE).

Medical teams are hoping to have preliminary test results within 24 hours to indicate the nature of the disease involved and the medications being provided.

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