After the cyclone, a mysterious golden chariot appears on the Indian coast

The mysterious golden wagon, believed to have come from Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Myanmar or Thailand, washed ashore at the Sunapali seaport in Srikakulam district, and may have been lost due to Cyclone Asani in the Bay of Bengal.

Villagers and fishermen were seen pulling the golden chariot out of the water with the help of ropes tied around it, Britain’s The Independent newspaper reported.

Videos posted on social media showed people of all ages huddled around the wagon, amazed and amazed at its construction.

An assistant inspector, in the Naupada district of the prefecture, said higher authorities have been informed and have launched an investigation.

The policeman told the Anya news agency that the vehicle could have come from another country, adding: “We have informed the intelligence and senior officials.”

Of note, the state was subject to continuous rain last week due to Hurricane Asani.

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