Abdullah bin Dalmouk: Cultural and heritage heritage is very present

Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmouk, Director General of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Center for the Renaissance of Heritage, confirmed that cultural and heritage heritage is still very much present on the Emirati scene, despite the surprising development that the Emirate of Dubai has witnessed, attributing it to the social way of life of the people of Dubai, which contributed to the preservation of this legacy.

In an interview with the Emirates News Agency, WAM, he added that despite the rapid development and tremendous progress in urbanization and technology, as the country has witnessed in the last ten years great development that has affected everything, the relationship that unites the Emiratis. The people under his wise leadership enjoy a peculiarity that distinguishes the Emirates from excluding other nations, it is more like a loving father’s relationship with his family, and the government’s policy close to them and the procedures followed have created a character that distinguishes the Emiratis. nation.

Bin Dalmouk added that the hobbies vary, there is a group interested in the land and another in the sea…pointing to four heritage symbols that constitute the true content of the historical heritage of the Emirates, namely: the boat, the camel, the palm tree and the livestock, and the citizen can choose to practice one of all these patrimonial hobbies according to their desires and inclinations such as fishing, since the government grants fishermen facilities and privileges that support this profession.

And on how to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, he said: “In the past, we used to gather in the residential neighborhoods in the evening hours to chat while one of the attendees performs a salaah or spars, and everyone interacts with him.”

The CEO of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival added: “The center plays a critical role in heritage preservation through the activities it organizes on religious occasions, in addition to its digital presence through social media. With Regarding the events, we organize various events during the year, including the day celebrations. We also organize courses, events and workshops for children during the spring break period, where we teach them how to swim, shoot, horseback ride and ride a camel. , and we also teach them to live in the desert and be self-sufficient.

And on how to present the heritage of the Emirates to the different nationalities of the country, he said: “We organize for foreigners a package of events and we issue several books in multiple languages, such as the books “Al-Mutasif” and “Al-Sana’a “.

Responding to a question on how to present the UAE’s heritage globally, he stated that the center takes every opportunity to participate in external exhibitions, conferences or discussions, and has cooperated with “UNESCO” in conducting training courses and in Exhibition 2020.

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