A Saudi documents a ‘majestic’ Ramadan Iftar experience on the edge of Mount Tuwaiq in the Kingdom

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Saudi photographer Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Barah had an impressive Iftar experience with a group of friends during Ramadan, outside of Jabal Tuwaiq in Saudi Arabia. This resulted in delightful scenes that the photographer wanted to document.

In the first week of Ramadan, the group headed to the edge of Tuwaiq Mountain, resulting in majestic scenes that the photographer documented through his lens.

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Al-Bariah said: “From time to time, we visit the valley until we reach Mount Tuwaiq. But this time we liked that the purpose of our visit was to have breakfast and think about a beautiful video documenting the beauty of the trees, the mountains and our beautiful moments with friends and family.

Saudi photographer Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Bariah had an impressive Iftar experience during Ramadan. , Plain textCredit: Photographer Abdulrahman Saad Al Burih

The Saudi photographer described Jabal Tuwaiq as a “majestic and grand” place, as it encompasses various wonderful rock formations and formations, saying that “although it is undoubtedly terrifying, it encompasses a scene that captures hearts.”

Al-Barah advised people, especially families, to be careful when approaching this site.

There are many ways to reach Mount Tuwaiq from the Sudair side, between easy and difficult and rugged roads that require a car suitable for mountainous terrain.

The official website of the Saudi Press Agency “SPA” stated that Jabal Tuwaiq is a mountain range that stretches for approximately 800 km from the Nafud desert of Al-Zulfi in the north, to the outskirts of Wadi Al-Dawasir and the Empty Quarter in the south.

These mountains are represented in a narrow limestone plateau and are considered one of the most important geographical features of the Arabian Peninsula.

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