a ramshackle affair carried out with winning enthusiasm and sheer charm

Who would have guessed that two decades after their breakup, pop combo Boyzone would deliver one of the most heartwarming TV moments you’ll see all month?

The Chris & Rosie Ramsey Show (BBC Two) climaxed with audience member Louise reluctantly agreeing, at the request of her long-suffering family, to let her collection of Boyzone memorabilia be destroyed. When former gang leader Ronan Keating showed up to join, Louise’s face was an absolute sight.

After apologizing to his family “for all the years of pain I caused them,” Keating gamely helped shred old CDs, unwind VHS tapes, and break up tour schedules. He and Louise closed the show with a karaoke duet, singing “Life Is A Rollercoaster.” Emotionally, this charming segment certainly was.

It helped salvage a debut episode that up to that point had been decidedly spotty. Geordie genius comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife, cheerleader Rosie, attempted to translate their hit podcast to the screen with mixed success. A screeching format was saved by the prepared guests.

The feuding couple’s relationship podcast, Sh**ged Married Annoyed, recorded in their kitchen, became a lockdown hit, reaching 100 million downloads with its mix of nonchalant wit and mind-blowing honesty.

After a spin-off book and a sold-out live tour, the South Shields spouses now brought their brand of undemanding domestic badinage to the BBC, with a toned-down title to avoid scaring off programmers.

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