A new ‘Jackass’ series is coming to Paramount+

The original Donkey had a huge impact on popular culture, but the original TV show, the one that debuted on MTV in 2000 and introduced the world to Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the crew of daredevil pranksters, only lasted three seasons and 25 episodes. (MTV ran those 25 episodes endlessly, which might explain why it feels like it lasted so much longer.) they saw on television — they quickly pushed Donkey to the cinema, where it has remained ever since. To date, four feature films have been released, the most recent donkey foreverwhich was a huge hit in theaters and on streaming earlier this year.

but that word transmission Hollywood has changed in recent years; every studio wants their own marquee franchises on their own streaming platforms. Y Donkey is one of Paramount’s main franchises, so now it’s coming back to TV on Paramount+. On the company’s quarterly earnings call today, the studio announced that thanks to the success of donkey foreverwhich was the first series effort in a dozen years, they’re making a new Donkey T.V. series.

It’s not yet known if the entire cast will appear on the show, but one of the nice parts of donkey forever is that it introduced a whole new team of stars, including Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, Jasper Dolphin, Rachel Wolfson, and Sean “Poopies McInerney.” He could possibly mix and match different groups of old and new Jackasses to keep things fresh (or to keep someone from getting too hurt).

The only cause for concern: donkey forever it was, shall we say, very free with its depictions of nudity, bodily fluids, and other edgy content that would still be a problem on basic cable. Will Paramount+ let the Jackasses do whatever they want? As long as they can be filled Donkeythis should be a good show.

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