A man watches ‘Spider-Man’ 292 times, a world record

You may think you watch a lot of Marvel movies, but you’re a buff compared to Florida resident Ramiro Alanis. In 2019, Alanis set a Guinness World Record by seeing avengers endgame a whopping 191 times. However, the record did not last long; two years later, a certain Arnaud Klein broke the record for Alanis watching Kaamelott: First installment 204 times.

But now the king has reclaimed his throne. According to the Guinness website, Alanis is again at the top in the category of “most film productions attended by the same film”. To break the current record, Alanis saw Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times between December 16, 2021 and March 15, 2022.

(I guess that explains how no way home made so much money at the box office.)

I’m going to hope Alanis is a member of AMC Stubs A-List or some movie ticket subscription service where she plays a flat fee every month to go as much as she wants, because otherwise she’d have to spend conservatively somewhere in the $3500 neighborhood in Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets to break the record. He, too, spent 720 hours of his life watching the movie, roughly a full month of the year sitting in a theater, endlessly reviewing Jon Watts’ recent Marvel adventure.

He also made a video documenting his quixotic journey:

Guinness says that “for each successful viewing to be counted towards the record total, the film must be viewed independently of any other activity. That means Ramiro couldn’t look at his phone, take a nap, or even go to the bathroom while the movie was playing.” Not going to the bathroom for a whole month? ok now I’m impressed.

Spider-Man: No Way Home it is now available on 4K, Blu-ray and Digital. So you could watch it 293 times at home for one low price. Imagine the face of Ramiro Alanis then.

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