A father accuses his son of seizing 75 thousand dirhams and 7 checks

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Court forced a young man to return to his father seven checks that he had signed and received. The court rejected the corresponding lawsuit filed by the son against his father, demanding the appointment of a guardian for him.

In the details, a man filed a lawsuit against his son, demanding that he give him seven checks and forcing him to pay him an amount of 75 thousand dirhams, stating that his son illegally seized the checks, in addition to seizing the amount of 75 thousand dirhams. in cash, and that he tried to persuade him to return Checks and amount, but he refused.

The defendant filed a counterclaim, requesting the introduction of new litigants, the plaintiff’s incompetence in his actions, and a request for a medical committee to sign a statement to the plaintiff and appoint a guardian to handle his financial and private affairs. .

The court indicated that the evidence of the papers is that the plaintiff attached photocopies attached to the signature of the defendant’s attribution, which showed that he had received the checks in question. Checks are based on fact and law.

Regarding the request to compel the defendant to pay an amount of 75,000 dirhams to the plaintiff, the court indicated that it is legally established that the plaintiff must prove his right, and the defendant has the right to deny it, noting that what is established in the attached briefs is that it is not proven that the defendant seized the amount, and that the claim was devoid of everything. There is evidence or presumption that sustains or supports his claim, a matter with which the present request came without foundation of reality and the law, with which the court decides to reject it.

In the original case, the court ruled to compel the defendant to return to the plaintiff the originals of seven checks, and to compel the defendant to pay fees and expenses, and if not, not to accept them, for non-payment of checks. prescribed fees.

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