5 new Instagram filters that will probably prepare you for a selfie

If I had to choose one feature of Instagram What I like the most would be the filters for sure. Filters never let me down, they make me look put together in seconds and lift my spirits at the same time. Also, I love how creators bless my feed with these creative filters every day. So turn your Friday into a ‘fri-yay‘ trying out these amazing filters that instantly gave me a great glow.

Get ready to save these filters to your favorites!

one. Alphabet soup for Christopher Gu

Is it just me or are you also addicted to this fashion filter game? As the name suggests, this interactive filter is the exact replica of the original world wrestling with just a spin of the timer making it even more found. Try this challenging filter and see how fast you are!

two. new me for naseem khan

Here is a perfect filter to click your ‘New me’ selfie every day. love how this filter leaves me looking flawless, well what better way to start the day than to flaunt your makeup look without makeup? Naseem must have managed to balance those warm tones beautifully so that he doesn’t overpower the image but complements it.

3. bright for Balram Thakur

You can totally shine like a diamond with this filter. It definitely added that extra natural freshness to my image. I love how glowing my skin looks in this one. A selfie in this filter will make you look like you’re ready for the day. your I should totally check this one out!

4. Light vibrations for akriti agarwal

Wow, I am in love with this filter that makes me instantly glam. I personally love how subtle yet elegant this filter is. This filter is really easy on the eyes and has a beautiful sheen to it. Use this filter if you want amp the mood of your image in seconds.

5. #1 for Afsha Khan

With the delicate colors and peachy pink tones, this adorable Instagram the filter is my #1. Every time I click on an image, it lights up in a way that makes me want tell HURRAH. Afsha, I have to confess that I have been obsessed with this filter for a long time.

So, here are 5 filters I tried this week and would recommend. your to try too. I’ll be back next week with another set of amazing filters. Until then, keep clicking selfies. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favorite influencers!

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