24.6% drop in demand for alternative medicine

Alternative medicine clinics in Dubai witnessed a drop in visitor numbers over the past period, according to recent statistics from the Dubai Health Authority, while doctors attributed this phenomenon to the growing awareness of a large group of people who attend these treatments, in addition to the impact of the Corona pandemic on these centers.

Recent statistics issued by the authority revealed that the total number of patients in alternative medicine clinics amounted to 115 thousand patients, compared to 152 thousand and 461 in 2019, with a variation rate of 24.6% per year, which indicates a decrease in the demand for this type of treatment in the Emirate of Dubai, and the conditions of the Corona pandemic are one of the reasons for this phenomenon, and the percentage of men reached 47.4% and women 54.5%, as well as the percentage of citizens who requested these alternative treatments, compared to 86.5% of residents.

As for the treatments available to patients in alternative medicine clinics, 32 types of treatment are available, in addition to other treatments, the most frequent being musculoskeletal and nervous system treatments, and then bioenergetic therapy.

Fakeeh University Hospital Family and Community Medicine Specialist Dr. Adel Sajwani said that the decrease in the number of visitors to alternative medicine clinics is mainly due to increased awareness among members of society, as doctors they do not advise patients to recur. permanently to this type of treatment, whose benefit has not been scientifically proven.

He continued: “A drug that is healthy and safe does not necessarily mean that it is beneficial for the patient, since people often come to it for misleading medical claims, which have been exposed through social networks, such as treatment radical. of chronic diseases and other incorrect allegations”.

Sajwani emphasized the need to rely primarily on modern medicine, which is based on documented scientific studies and research, and clinical trials have proven its success and safety.

For his part, the specialist in community medicine, official spokesman for the Emirates Public Health Association, Dr. Saif Darwish, said that the most prominent reasons for the decline of those who seek this type of treatment is due to the sale of hope and illusion to patients with the possibility of treatment, in violation of recognized scientific facts.

He explained that the temporary relief of many patients after using one of the alternative medicine methods helped to increase the demand for it and promote it, despite the presence of large differences between the feeling of well-being and recovery, highlighting that the psychological factor plays an important role. in demand for these clinics and centers, as well as the love of People use everything that is close to nature, be it a product or a method of treatment. He warned against being a victim of scammers who use the name of alternative medicine to lure their clients of patients seeking healing, through lies and misinformation through social networks, noting that the role of health services supervision played an important role in limiting this phenomenon.

The Emirates Medical Association’s chest disease consultant, Dr. Bassam Mahboub, attributed the decline in demand for these clinics to the growing health awareness in the country, as a result of efforts by health authorities, and the Corona pandemic had a significant role in people’s reluctance to do so for fear of exposure to infection or incorrect treatment.

And he added: “Recent years have witnessed a strengthening of the confidence of members of the community in scientific research, the search for treatment methods and their scientific reference, and their reliable sources, either within the country or authorities. international health”. He advised patients to turn primarily to modern medicine, in order to avoid any health complications they may encounter due to treatment by methods that do not belong to any scientific basis.

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