2022 Federal Election: Toowoomba Residents Urged to Voice Their Opinion on Chronicle Readers’ Poll Candidates and Topics for Groom

With the federal election coming up on May 21, we want to hear about the issues and policies that are important to Groom residents. Take our five-minute unlocked survey here:

What issues are important to you in the federal elections? Which candidate has your vote so far?

With less than five weeks to go until Election Day on May 21, seven people have raised their hands to be the next Groom member.

The Chronicle has put together a short survey for readers to complete, covering a wide range of topics.

Their answers will be communicated to the candidates before the elections.

To give your opinion, please complete the questions in the following survey:

Originally published as Federal Election 2022: Toowoomba residents urged to weigh in on candidates, topics in Chronicle readers’ poll for Groom

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