2022 Australian federal election: Albanese says PM ‘broke trust’ with US by delaying reporting to Labor on Aukus; Morrison promises to ‘change gears’ if he is re-elected | australian news

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Postal enforcement has passed 2.5 million or 14.6% of enrollment, returned mail has now passed 1 million. or 5.8%, and previous polls have exceeded 1.6 million or 9.5% of enrollment. The growth from here will be the final week’s increase in previous polls. Details at https://t.co/tjV43DMg04 #votes #auspol

— Antony Green – elections (@AntonyGreenElec) May 14, 2022

And in case you missed it, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardenhas tested positive for Covid.

It comes at an inopportune time for the prime minister, who must isolate herself while her government presents an emissions reduction plan and budget next week.

You can read more here:

Western Australia reports 13,162 new cases

western australia has registered 13,162 new cases overnight, with 292 people in hospital and 10 in the ICU.

And not to be a press conference, the defense minister, peter dutonhas announced a press conference for 1:15 p.m.

Well, after a week in which Labor sally about everything mixed with you lehave come together on the campaign trail in Reid, Sydney’s inner west:

Queensland authorities provide flood update

And we jump directly from the Albanian authorities to those in Queensland who are providing an update on the floods.

Shane ChelepyQueensland’s interim disaster coordinator says there are still 87 buildings affected in Warwick, with 49 people sheltered in Condamine:

The district disaster group and the local group will meet today and as the river recedes further they will move forward with recovery efforts there.

At Gympie, as we indicated, we are still seeing increases in the Mary River at Gympie. Planning is well advanced there and we anticipate moderate flooding at Gympie. The city bridge is expected to divide the city again to the south. We have positioned our emergency services and disaster management capacity on both sides of the city.

We expect minor impacts, but we don’t expect significant impacts with the predicted spikes, particularly to homes in the Gympie area, but obviously the disaster management group will continue to monitor that and we’ll keep residents informed.

One final question about andrew charlton in Parramatta again, first referring to an earlier statement the Labor leader made about a Liberal candidate who found himself living at a different address than listed.

At the time, anthony in albanian he said it was a “very serious” issue for the prime minister. Does the same standard apply to Charlton?

The electoral commission took action on the matter and referred Lilley’s candidate to AFP. I hope the rules are always followed. Thank you.

We have a question about the change! anthony in albanian He is asked if he will change if he wins the elections:

Scott Morrison was asked a question the other night to say something nice for a minute. He couldn’t get there, but he tried. But one of the things he said about me was that I’ve never forgotten where I come from, and I haven’t. What you see is what you get. The values ​​I was raised with are the values ​​I hold dear and are the values ​​I will take into government.

With two key themes to that: that no one is left behind, because I think we should take care of the disadvantaged and aim to lift people up, but also that no one is stopped, that the Labor Party is the party of aspiration and opportunity, what we should look for ways that people can be the best they can be, and that will be my driving force. I don’t think this prime minister can change. It’s a desperate statement that he made.

Anthony Albanese speaks to the media during a press conference in Darwin. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

Will be anthony in albanian Will he get closer to Chinese President Xi Jinping if he wins the election?

I am not getting ahead of myself and the relationship with China will continue to be complex and challenging, regardless of who wins the election. I tell you who I will contact.

I will be, if we are successful, I will communicate with the United States and the Biden administration, and what the Biden administration will get from me, as our most important ally, will be direct answers. What is very clear from today’s revelations is that they did not elicit direct answers from the Morrison administration.

anthony in albanian He is then asked about implementing the Uluru Declaration from the heart, and what he has made of Scott Morrison’s rejection of a voice in parliament:

The only voice Scott Morrison wants to hear is his own. He is not surprised that he has ruled out a voice in parliament because the only voice Scott Morrison wants to hear is his own.

That is why even in parliament he silences other voices. So it is not surprising, given that he will not have any debate in parliament, that he does not want to have a voice in parliament. This is a generous offer from the First Nations people. First Nations people only ask to be consulted on issues that affect their lives, on health, education, housing, on those issues.

It’s a generous gift from the First Nations people, and what they’re asking for is a partner, it’s just a joining of hands in our common interests. This is the same political party that said if we apologized to the stolen generations it would be divisive. Peter Dutton came out of that apology. What we have to do is unite this country.

We return to discussions of foreign policy once again, this time about whether anthony in albanian would be speaking to state premiers about China, after Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan entered the discussion yesterday:

Well, I note that Peter Dutton’s rhetoric is very different from the rhetoric of his own government. He is very different from Marise Payne, who is in charge of foreign policy in the government. She is the foreign minister. Her rhetoric is very different from Peter Dutton’s.

What we see happening here, we’ve seen for some time, you notice the really subtle things, that you can’t be a leader if you haven’t been a treasurer, when Josh Frydenberg is sitting behind the prime minister. There is tension within the Liberal Party. It is played day after day.

There is tension within the National Party that people are doing the numbers, where they win or not, about who is the deputy prime minister or the leader of the National Party, depending on the seats and the results. And the Liberals and the Nationals don’t like each other.

The Australian government is in charge of our national policy, but I will engage constructively with business, with state premiers, with civil society about our relationships. Mark McGowan is doing a great job as Prime Minister of WA. I’m with Mark McGowan. Scott Morrison is with Clive Palmer.

The following is a question about a report that the Parramatta Labor candidate, andrew charltonhe had allegedly admitted an “oversight” regarding the listing of a Woollahra rental property owned by his wife as his place of residence and whether Charlton should be referred to the police.

anthony in albanian answers:

I’m not aware of the problems you raise, so I can’t comment.

mark butler is also in the press, asking when some of the money announced today will be available:

GP grants flow immediately. They will start flowing this year and next to strengthen GP practices. The Medicare Fund will begin to flow from July 1 of the next year. There are now a variety of improvements to our general practice system, some of which Emma talked about earlier, were identified in the 10-year plan, and the task force’s job to do between now and the end of the year is to draw out the priorities clue. AMA and the college have discussed the priorities of strengthening the relationship between general practice and, in particular, patients with complex and chronic illnesses.

As I said, the task force will report back at the end of the year and identify the key priorities from this 10-year long-term plan that need to be addressed immediately. That report will flow through 2023 and the funding will start flowing on July 1, 2023.

anthony in albanian He continues, saying that Scott Morrison has used national security concerns for short-term political gain, followed by a question about whether he thought Morrison was thinking short-term again when he announced the ships yesterday:

I am not suggesting that. I am suggesting that it is cause for concern that this ship was off the coast of Western Australia. It is appropriate that we obtain adequate security reports on those topics. Brendan O’Connor has made it clear that he has requested that issue. It is not a topic that has been raised in any of the briefings…

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