1,100-pound bomb removed from roof of Kharkiv apartment block

Combat engineers and rescuers removed an unexploded bomb trapped in an apartment building in Kharkiv on Thursday, June 23, Ukrainian officials said. According to Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES), the unexploded bomb, a FAB-500, weighed 1,100 pounds and was carrying 660 pounds of explosives, enough to demolish the entire nine-story apartment building. A pyrotechnics team was able to defuse the bomb in March, SES said, by unscrewing the contact detonator, but was unable to fully neutralize it due to continued attacks by Russian forces. On Thursday, a 10-person rescue team used a forklift and a crane truck to remove it from the building and properly dispose of it. “At the moment the city is quiet and that allowed us to do the job,” said one of the crew, referring to the decrease in airstrikes. This SES video shows his team carefully hooking the bomb to the crane and pulling it out of a hole in the ceiling. They then load the neutralized explosive into a pyrotechnic truck marked with the word “demining” on the side. Credit: SES Kharkiv via Storyful

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